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Adopting party acknowledges, by submission of this form, that they understand and accept that The Music Guild's Piano Adoption Program has no personal knowledge of nor warrants the condition of any instrument submitted by a donor for adoption - beyond the description offered by the donor. An adopting party may, at his/her expense, determine the condition prior to adoption.  All instruments are adopted in their present, as-is condition without any representation or warranty.

It is recipient's responsibility to transport the piano to its new home. Recipient acknowledges the piano is being adopted in its present as-is condition. Neither donor nor The Music Guild warranty the condition of any adopted piano nor can they establish the value of any piano. A referral to a reasonably-priced professional piano mover and a piano tuner technician can be made upon request. (As a point of information, all pianos need to be tuned after being moved.)  Completing this form is not a guarantee of receiving a piano.

Acceptance of any instrument is acknowledgement of and agreement to the terms and conditions of this advisory.

  Adoptions may be made by schools, non-profit organizations or music educators.  Filling out this application does not guarantee that you will receive an instrument.

Completing this form is not a guarantee of receiving a piano.

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