The Piano Adoption Program of the Music Guild is a service for the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan area.  The donors may need to pay to have a piano moved.  We can provide the name of a reasonable local professional piano mover. If the adopting party wants to have the piano checked out before adoption, they can pay that cost, but The Music Guild will not assume the cost or burden of the receiving party. The cost of moving the piano is tax deductible as part of the donation.  The cost will be included  on the receipt we send, if  the amount is provided to The Music Guild.


 We suggest:

  •        Contact a local church, synagogue or mosque. Ask if they have a congregant whose child wants to study piano but cannot afford one. Ask them to post an announcement on their bulletin board or possibly announce it from the pulpit.
  •        Seek a piano or music teacher near you who has a pupil needing a piano
  •        Contact a local nursing home, rehabilitation center, senior citizens residence or Alzheimer’s residence.
  •        Theatrical properties house. (They put material on stage and in movies)
  •        St Vincent de Paul charities.
  •        The Salvation Army.

The Music Guild does not pick up instruments. With your permission we will give your e-mail to any interested party. They will contact you about seeing the piano.